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SP Install GEN4/5 LYNX

-Skid Plate edition-


Installation process:

  1. Remove hood

  2. Remove pipe from snowmobile. This will help when removing the stock bumper. You do not have to remove the exhaust can.

  3. GEN 5. To remove Stock bumper and install new bumper remove upper grill. 2 screws hold it on from the inside. Once grill is removed you can unclip the upper section of nose cone for ease of removal and instillation 

  4. Drill out the 4 rivets attaching nose cone to bumper. Remove stock bumper bolts and remove bumper and discard. YOU WONT NEED THAT ANYMORE

 Backwoods new front bumper mounting location requires you to drill 3/16 holes at intended location. Before attempting bumper install please review photos below for mounting bracket install. If you click the photos there is a description to follow. 

Once mounting brackets are LOOSELY installed, with nuts on the inside, please continue with the following. BOLTS ARE STAINLESS STEEL and under extreme stress can break or strip out. make sure to not over tighten.

  1. Position BMP bumper into position. When inserting bumper you must insert one side and then the other. not both at the same time.  

  2. Loose fit upper mounts using bolts. 

  3. Align bumper to skidoo full body skid plate. Drill 1/4 holes first in the two outer holes. Install backers on the inside of the skid plate and secure with bolts. and then do the other 2 inner locations as well. 

  4. Secure main upper mounting bolts.

  5. At locations where stock rivets held bumper on Drill 3/16 holes to be used to secure bumper to nose cone with provided rivets. 

Temp sensor install. 

Using provided nut attach temp sensor mounting bracket to existing bumper mount bracket. make sure to snug up but not over tighten. 

Cut small stud of sensor bracket and spin bracket into the nut for easy install. 

On behalf of BackwoodsBMP we would like to sincerely thank you for your purchase.

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