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Arctic cat Rear bumper

All instructions go for the same 140 / 150 / 160 bumper

To get the ball rolling one trick for the arctic cat rear bumper is to release the two rear bolts that are holding your skid to the snowmobile. By doing this you will have much more room to work. Support the sled from the running boards

-Remove the stock bumper. For the rear section of the bumper you will want to use a drill bit to remove the rivets. The forward section of the bumper you can drill out, however you may want to use a grinder to grind off the backside of these rivets (grind from the inside of the tunnel)

Remove forward factory bolts. DO not THROW AWAY. you will need these. 
Tin bracket that mounts from the running board to the factory bumper will not attach to the Backwoods BMP bumper. Drill out rivets and remove bracket or carefully cut it off. It will leave exposed raw aluminum if fully removed.  

By inserting the front of the bumper into the running board stirrup and then positioning the protection plate upwards you should be able to seat the plate.  Now you are ready to install the side protection plates. It is easiest to do this by inserting the plate from a lower approach angle in comparison to your tunnel height.

Secure the protection plate first with the (2) STOCK forward bolts from your old bumper.

Install all 4 Stainless Steel rivets in the forward section of the protection plates to replace those awful rivets you had to grind out. Place all 4 rivets into location before securing. 

Now you can drill and mount the rear grab bar with supplied 1/4 bolts and rivets. 

Now its time to drill and rivet the remaining locations

From there you are ready to roll!

Thank you very much for you purchase and welcome to the team! 

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