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Axys Front bumper install

Thank you for purchasing the Axys front bumper!

-Remove hood/ side panels/ and exhaust pipe of snowmobile.
-Remove stock bumper
-On underside of snowmobile there are 2 rivets that hold on the lower potion of your snowmobiles nose cone. If you have a Skid plate installed these will be hidden. You must drill out these rivets and remove them. 
-Using a 1/4" drill bit please drill the same holes those same holes to make room for the new 1/4" stainless steel bolts. 
-Now taking your BackwoodsBMP bumper please loose fit the bumper making sure to line up and install the bottom protection plate first, LOOSE FIT (place bolts in and lightly  secure nuts on inside of snowmobile.)
-Using the stock bolts loose fit the upper mounts. 

-IMPORTANT: Before tightening the lower protection plate bolts make sure that the snowmobiles nose cone plastic is in correct fitment. 
-Ensure proper alignment left to right. 
-ensure that nose cone is pushed downward and towards the rear of the snowmobile. There is a bit of play with these lower connections and it is important that the nosecone is tightly secured. 

-Secure the lower protection plate bolts. Remember these bolts are Stainless steel and under strain can sheer or strip very easily. make sure not to over torque but do not be afraid to tighten appropriately

-Secure upper bolts. 
-Using the stubby aluminum rivets provided please install them on the forward upper area of the nose cone that housed the stock t30 bolts.  Ensure that the nose cone is pulled tightly towards the front of the snowmobile before securing. This ensures proper hood fitment. ( YOU WILL NEED TO DRILL 3/16" HOLES IN THIS LOCATION )

-Please feel free to email us for any questions or concerns. Please include photos as well so we can help asap! 
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