NEW polaris rear bumper

For the 2021 season all BackwoodsBMP rear bumpers will venture past this “breakpoint”. Our focus is again to divert and disperse energy throughout the snowmobile, transforming what would be an unfavorable situation, into a progressive result.

By reaching past this “break/bend/snap/crash point”, energy is now able to effectively communicate amongst components to further dissipate and disperse, where before there would be no choice but to unleash the full potential where previous bumpers cease to exist.


The all new Polaris  rear bumper is a force to be reconded with. By taking into consideration the forces and strains that go into everyday riding we have designed a bumper that targets the true problem areas of our machines design. 




- Engineered design

-Machined 6061 t-6 Aluminum

-Most forward reaching bumper in the industry

-Built to transfer eneergy throughout snomwobile

-All New 3 peice design to ensure performance and protection. 

-All mounting hardware includded 

-50% off replacement plan! smash it up? we will replace it with another 50% off! 


*Rivet holes is pictues do not show true locations, these have been updated since. waiting on new photos. 


*144/146 rear bumpers are slightly different. We will be posting pictures to show ASAP. 


*If we are missing colors- choose raw and leave us a comment in the comments section! 

NEW polaris rear bumper

Tunnel length
Running Board Type
  • PLEASE take time to review your order and make sure that you have selected the correct bumper for the correct snowmobile. returns will have a 30% restocking free due to the large influx of returns due to order issues. Please feel free to ask questions if needed. 

  • "Older running boards" are longer than the shorter "newer" axys style boards. Please make sure to identify which ones you have as they are DIFFERENT BUMPERS. 


    Thank you!

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