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Skidoo XM Install

Skidoo XM with skid plate:


The BackwoodBMP XM front bumper was designed without a skid plate in mind; however, this does not limit its ability to be used with one.


You must first realize that the only difference now with your skid plate installed is that there is simply a piece of plastic getting in the way of you finding the intended mounting location.


Both of these options have been carried out by various customers. Each option is a suitable way and has proven to be reliable.


Option 1: (secured via Nose cone/Skid Plate)



Much like the Gen4 Skid Plate bumper: The partnering of the BackwoodsBMP front bumper and Skidoo skid plate is a powerful combination of strength and rigidity.


-naturally loose fitting the upper bumper mounts to the snowmobile


  • The bumper will be pushing up against the skid plate.

  • Lightly push down on the bumper so it rests at a natural location.

  • At the bumpers protection plate mounting holes; Drill holes through both skid plate, and nose cone.

  • Secure bumper to skid plate and nose cone using provided bolts.



Option 2: (secured via bulkhead)


This option is a bit harder since your skid plate has been installed. In order to reach the intended mounting locations, you must now physically persuade your bumper into position, the skid plate will be adding some resistance. The Mounting holes are two rivets that are connected to your snowmobiles bulk head that help hold on the nose cone. After removing the pipe the backside of these rivets are visible.


-Remove hood and remove your pipe.


-Drill back side of rivets that secure nose cone to bulk head


. continue to drill through skid plate.


- After loose fitting the top mounting locations, you now can guide your bumper into position aligning the newly drilled holes with the bumpers lower mounting location.


-Loose fit lower bolts, and then tighten evenly.


-Similar to the stock bumper, drill through your new bumper to secure the upper portion of the bumper to the snowmobiles nose cone with the provided rivets.



-equally tighten all bolts and assure your bumper and snowmobile are properly installed and prepared to ride.

UPDATE: Customer Report

Below is a customer install report of xm bumper being installed with extreme skid plate. USE EXTREME CAUTION WITH HEATING DEVICE. This is not recommended by BackwoodsBMP however has been proven to work via customer report.

"Here is a little fact for installation. if you have a skid plate. if your by yourself. u heat the skid plate up some with small torch or heat gun. then put the bumper in place put top 2 bolts in then the bottom pushes on effortlessly. it is super easy to do it this way. rather than trying to push it on forcefully"

*just heat it up enough that the skid plate is soft to the touch*

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